Creating A Positive Organizational Culture

It's Not One Thing ... It's Everything!

A strong, positive culture is the cure for “staff Infections.” Discover the keys to creating a healthy, robust organizational culture with an active focus on:

  • The critical importance of shared values

  • The few core values that form the foundation of a positive culture

  • The critical importance of optimism and a positive outlook

  • How appreciation drives engagement (and the important difference between appreciation and recognition)

  • How to notice the cultural artifacts that will give you clues about your organization’s current culture.

Strong positive cultures do not come into existence on their own, nor do they remain great on their own. It isn’t one thing …it’s everything.

A New Plan


A New Plan renews the promise of person-centered planning with powerful, research-based positive psychology skills and tools. Authors Dykstra and Dykstra build on the foundation of historical contributions to advance their “10 Principles of Person-Centered Planning.” They reflect on the reasons people don’t plan and stress the importance of addressing personal outcomes. A New Plan introduces the role of the Champion in the life of a person who has disabilities and includes a new implementation framework, along with the specific action steps needed to enable a person to flourish and live their best life possible.

Kindness Day

How Do We Want To Be Together? Series

Before addressing the question in an organizational context it should be noted that how we answer this question is vitally important in our personal lives, with our families, our spouses, our children, and,  with our friends and those people who are not yet our friends.

When we are talking about being together we are talking about our interpersonal relationships – truly realizing that other people matter.

In organizations, relationships are carried out between fellow employees, between employees and leaders and managers, between organizational members and their customers or those they serve. Our transformative goal, in all instances, should be to strengthen our relationships and bring greater joy and love to the workplace.

Explore this series of tools developed to help organizations answer the question: How Do We Want To Be Together?

About High Tide Press

In the early 1900s, the idea of creating a publishing house devoted to bolstering the knowledge and understanding of staff working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities emerged from the leadership group of Trinity Services.

In 1995, the idea became a reality when the Board of Directors of the Trinity Foundation established High Tide Press Publishing.

The name High Tide Press reflects that at high tide that the sea reaches its highest level. High tide helps ships to reach shore more easily.

Today, High Tide Press publishes books, training materials, interactive learning materials, and other media products for professionals and administrators within human services, health care, non-profit management, government agencies, and the community.

The purpose of High Tide Press is to enhance the lives of people with disabilities. We do that by publishing best and promising practices, promoting a productive, positive work culture, inspiring quality leadership performance, and introducing positive psychology to those working with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Our authors are professional practitioners and leaders in their disciplines or area of expertise. In addition to our original target audience of developmental disability professionals, our readership has grown to include parents and guardians, academics, other stakeholders, and the general public.

Cherry Hill Books & Media [link] is our online retail and wholesale partner. Cherry Hill, in addition to High Tide Publications, sells other carefully chosen titles and media products. Proceeds benefit persons served by Trinity Services [link]

Trinity Services is a non-sectarian, non-profit human services organization serving people with mental illness, the homeless, and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout Illinois. Headquartered in New Lenox, Illinois, Trinity has been making life more wonderful for over 70 years.

                                               Anne Ward, Director of Publications
                                               High Tide Press

A New Plan - Dykstra & Dykstra

What they are saying about
the latest book from

Thane & Art Dykstra

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Through their engaging book, A New Plan, Dykstra and Dykstra provide a practical method to support people in identifying their goals and recognizing ways to move forward and achieve their best possible life one in which they flourish! This book is a must-read for anyone involved in person-centered planning.
–Mary Kay Rizzolo, President & CEO, CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership

Thane and Art Dykstra use insights from positive psychology to reinvigorate person-centered planning for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. They highlight flourishing, teamwork, listening, and appreciating strengths, and meaningful participation of persons with I/DD. This book is a must for those who aspire to provide optimal supports to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
–Chris Keys, PhD, Professor Emeritus – Former Chair Departments of Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago, DePaul University

A New Plan, offers service providers and practitioners everything necessary to successfully design and implement a new model of person-centered planning grounded in positive psychology principles. This refreshing and compelling approach challenges us to renew our efforts to ensure that we get this essential piece right. And, for those professionals laser-focused on protecting and maximizing rights for folks with disabilities, it is immediately usable as a tool to encourage more opportunities for relationship building and community engagement which can aid in the reduction of risk for abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
– Amy Tabor – President, Organizational Dimensions

At a time when Federal and State entities have issued an overwhelming amount of regulations and record keeping requirements, the Dykstras have suggested a refreshing and common sense approach to person centered planning. Just as K-12 teachers regularly complain that they must “teach to prepare for the standard test” providers develop person centered plans, which are really a compilation of documentation, based on regulations -- sometimes ignoring what must be highlighted for the individual to thrive. The “Plan to Flourish” offers a summary of the individual’s aspirations and a process to develop those aspirations in a format that is easy to comprehend both for Direct Support Professionals and the family.             - Nathan Cohen, Consulting

I loved this book, and strongly recommend it.

Why? Because the authors make it real. This is not a dry tutorial on person-centered planning: I found it to be personally inspiring. It is well written, chock full of interesting facts that will not only strengthen your understanding of how to support people to live a better life but also provides the road map to get there. Written by self-described possibilists, their approach to using positive psychology is not about achieving compliance, but it will get you there. It is about establishing the cultural changes necessary for supporting people to flourish.
–Barbara E. Merrill, J.D., CEO, ANCOR American Network of Community Options and Resource

A Positive Vision

 – High Tide Press publishers of books and media on Positive Organizational Culture, Leadership, and developmental disabilities for professionals in human services, education, nonprofit management, and healthcare. We promote best practices in management and socially-responsible leadership.

Our authors are professional practitioners currently working in their fields who offer a wealth of insight and practical learning for professionals as well as families, friends, and supporters of persons with disabilities or behavioral health issues.

High Tide Press was founded in 1995 with the publication of Art Dykstra’s first best seller Outcome Management. Our sister company, Cherry Hill Books & Media is the online and conference retail and wholesale agent for High Tide publications as well as offering a diverse selection of carefully curated publications and media.

The parent organization of High Tide Press and Cherry Hill Books & Media, Trinity Foundation, is a non-profit dedicated to supporting and funding Trinity Services, Inc. All proceeds from media sales benefit persons served by

High Tide Press CEO & Executive Publisher ~ Art Dykstra, Director of Publications ~ Anne Ward, Marketing & Media ~ Bob Sandidge, Editor ~ Mary Rundell-Holmes, Text and & Graphic Design – John Sotirakis, Graphic Design -Catrina Harris, Publishing Coordinator – Beth Purdom – Fulfillment Center & Customer Service.

Books Published

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Recent High Tide Publications

Vince Patinelli

From personal experience Vince knows the challenges new managers face in human services. This book is for those considering this field and  those recently been promoted to management. Get IT Done Right? Can Do.

Art Dykstra

Art does it again. Outcome Management was the ground breaking book showing the power of a positive organizational culture. Again, Art shows why “Everything Counts” and what you can do to make it better! 

Dr. James M. Lewis, M.D.

A breakthrough book for parents, teachers, practitioners, and other team members grappling with the challenges of ADHD. Dr. Lewis knows ADHD not only as a 26 year pediatrician but as a parent who raised two sons with ADHD. He also tells a good story.


In its most noble and virtuous meaning, person-centered planning is about well-being: relationships, caring for each other and helping everyone involved live a better life.”

Art & Thane Dykstra – A NEW PLAN


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