The Right(s) Things in Covid-19 – Amy Tabor

2020 was a year dominated by troubling events—a global pandemic with ominous and fluctuating stay-at-home orders, a contentious presidential election, emotionally charged cases of social/civil unrest, and vast economic uncertainty for many Americans. For those of us working with people with disabilities, add funding challenges, uncertain public policy, and significant staffing shortages.

With all of this going on and recognizing that December is Universal Human Rights Month, the question is: How are providers supporting individuals and families as well as their direct support staff in these difficult times?

Amy’s timely insights will offer you hope and encouragement as you navigate these stressful times.

Amy is the author of Human Rights Committees: From Compliance to Cultural Commitment, Scanning the Horizon: Using Organizational Data to Prevent Abuse and Neglect of People with Intellectual Disabilities and From Inquiry to Insight: Guided Discussions for Preventing Abuse and Neglect of Persons with Cognitive Disabilities.