Your Person-Centered Plan In Your Pocket

The challenge: A person-centered plan that acts like a usable plan, a guide to a person’s best life possible.

In order to accomplish this task, we knew the person supported needs to have his or her plan on hand, and in a format that is easy to look at and use.

Solved: My Plan to Flourish mobile application! My Plan to Flourish is designed for people to have their person-centered plan on hand and available to them anytime.

Available to remind them about:

  • Their goals
  • What’s most important
  • The significant people in their lives
  • What they most enjoy every day.

Flourishing: Enjoying today. Looking forward to tomorrow.

A New Plan APEX

The subtitle of A New Plan is Using Positive Psychology to Renew the Promise of Person-Centered Planning.

The central tenet of both the book and the mobile app is that a person-centered plan based on the well-researched elements of well-being from positive psychology will lead to more flourishing and less floundering. That is proving to be the case for those using this approach.

More time with people. Less time with paper!

The challenge: For the Champions among us—those who support the person in creating their plan, updating their plan, and implementing their plan—the My Plan to Flourish mobile app can’t add to a Champion’s paperwork load.

Solved: Not only is My Plan to Flourish an accessible mobile app for provider organizations, there is a provider computer application for data entry. Creating the plan, updating the plan, and keeping track of accomplishments has never been easier.

Learn More about My Plan to Flourish

Flourish Computer Shot

Is the My Plan to Flourish Mobile App and the My Plan to Flourish Provider Computer Application a good fit for the people you support and the Champions in your organization who provide that support?

Learn more about the My Plan to Flourish Mobile App.

Learn more about the My Plan to Flourish Provider Computer Application.

Short Flourish Explainer Video


Teaching Person-Centered Language

Multi-Media Training Program  – 5 Video Modules Plus Discussion Guides

WORDS That Lift Us UP!
..the teaching tool that you can use today.

We hear it over and over again:

What can we do about getting our staff to use better, more respectful language around people with disabilities?”

“With turnover so high and continual staff shortages, how do we get across that the language our employees use really does matter?”

High Tide Press announces a new video publication, Words That Lift Us UP! specifically designed to help providers address the language challenge:

    • How to help everyone understand the importance of language behavior when it comes to people who have disabilities
    • Making it easier—and more automatic—to teach new employees why we pay attention to language in our field, what language is considered respectful (and what language is always inappropriate)
    • How to remind staff about language use, either with a short video or through in-person coaching

We’ll tell you how you can get a copy of Words That Lift Us UP! shortly. But first, let’s take a look at why words are so important in practically every sphere of life. READ MORE

Words Logo

Sherry Ladislas, one of your Words presenters, with a quick look at the modules in the program. Take a look. 1:21 Min.

Have you ever heard someone say, “It’s all about people?” If that’s the case, what then should be the nature of our time together? How should we behave in the good times and in the bad times? Everything that matters flows from how we answer the question, “How do we want to be together?”

When talking about being together, we are referring to our interpersonal relationships. In organizations, relationships are occur between fellow employees, between employees and leaders or managers, between organizational members and their customers or those they serve. Our transformative goal in all instances should be to strengthen our relationships and bring greater joy and love to the workplace.

Martin Seligman, the father of Positive Psychology, says in his 2011 book Flourish, “Very little that is positive is solitary. When was the last time you laughed uproariously? The last time you felt indescribable joy? The last time you sensed profound meaning and purpose? The last time you felt enormously proud of an accomplishment? Even without knowing the particulars of these high points in your life, I know their form—all of them took place around other people.”

So the question is, “How Do We Want to Be Together?”

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High Tide Books to Audible
As more people are reading with their ears we are turning our text to talk so you can listen with yours. Anne has the scoop in 53 Sec.

High Tide Books to Kindle
How many books can you carry? Anne Ward, our Director of Publications, will lighten your load with Kindle Books. 1:20 Min.

Recommended Reading

Your Wellbeing Blueprint: |
Feeling Good and Doing Well at Work
(Michelle McQuaid and Dr. Peggy Kern)

High Tide Press is pleased to call your attention to a practical book based in the field of positive psychology. Your Wellbeing Blueprint: Feeling Good and Doing Well at Work, written by Michelle McQuaid and Dr. Peggy Kern.

We hear a great deal about wellbeing these days, so it is important to clarify the authors’ meaning. It is the “…ability to feel good and function effectively. It allows you to ‘be well’—to feel good physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and socially—and to ‘do good’—to achieve what you would like to each day, be it at work or home.”

The book essentially describes the Six Pillars of Wellbeing, explaining a deeper meaning of the construct, and offers practical approaches that can be used to strengthen one’s effort in that area through actions and exercises.

Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology, has identified Five Pillars of Wellbeing:

  • Positive Emotions: experiencing positive feelings, such as joy, calmness, and happiness
  • Engagement: being interested in and involved in life
  • Relationships: feeling loved, valued, and connected with other people
  • Meaning: having a sense of direction, feeling that our lives are valuable, worthwhile, and connected to something bigger than ourselves
  • Accomplishment: the belief and ability to do things that matter most to us, achieving goals, and having a sense of mastery

To this list, McQuaid and Kern have added:

  • Health: being physically healthy and active
    These Six Pillars are now commonly referred to as PERMAH in the positive psychology literature.

The book offers an extra plus, an invitation to measure your wellbeing relative to your work or employment experience at Your survey results will enable you to craft a game plan for increasing your ability to thrive and flourish in your work setting. As the authors suggest, taking the survey is like stepping on your bathroom scale, and you can see where you are (weight) and decide where you might want to be. There is no charge to take the survey, and you can complete it in less than 20 minutes.

Wellbeing Blueprint
McQuaid - Kern


The holiday season is upon us. A perfect gift for family and friends is an edited selection of Dale Turner wisdom from his best-selling High Tide books. Dale’s wit and warmth continues to inspire and uplift. Dale’s writings will brighten your Holidays.

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