Screening Room – NAQ Person-Centered Pre Conference Recap

Although the importance of person-centered planning has been discussed for decades, “getting it right” continues to be challenging.  In this session, core principles of person-centered planning were presented. Basic principles of Positive Psychology, including the six elements of well-being, were highlighted as part of a framework for strengthening person-centered planning. The session introduced attendees to a recently developed phone/tablet app, My Plan to Flourish, which incorporates elements of Positive Psychology in its personal plan format.  Participants engaged with the app by developing their Plans to Flourish (including goals). This process allowed for reflection and deepened future applications as it relates to providing supports for people with disabilities.  Goal-setting across levels of individual support needs was explored. Although some of the challenges of person-centered planning were considered, the session also explored methods to ensure integrity in the process and success at both the individual and organizational levels.  Attendees left the interactive session with a renewed commitment to their journeys and the people they support. 

Presenters: Christina Chavez, Jennifer Hodges, Stephanie Behlke Leigh, Trina Sieling, Anne Ward