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As we start to pay more attention on the holiday season in 2020 there are many mixed feelings. Yes, many of us have much to be thankful for. However, we would be remiss not to temper our positive feelings with the fact that several hundred thousand people, our friends, family and neighbors, have died during the pandemic. As we head into this special time of the year let’s remember those who are in food lines, people who have lost jobs, restaurant and service workers who will not be celebrating and may not have jobs to which they can return. Let’s appreciate all of those care and support workers who go above and beyond on a daily basis. 

We are as concerned as you about the many challenges in the world today. And we know that those of us in leadership positions need to be looking ahead—to be working now to envision and lay the groundwork for the future that we must re-create to effectively continue our chosen missions. 

To that end, we at High Tide Press continue to develop resources to help you and your managers not only cope with the current challenges but also to explore new ways of thinking, imagining and growing, so that we can become even more vital organizations of support. 

December is the time we celebrate holidays and the many positive reasons we have for maintaining our faith in a future that brings us closer together. Virtually for now, but soon in person.

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The Thought Day
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Vincent Pettinelli Invitation

How Do We Want To Be Together?

This month we are introducing the first three publications in a new series titled How Do We Want To Be Together? This series specifically focuses on what makes the organizational culture tick, thrive, drive, and become more generative. Each title is a useful tool designed to help enrich some aspect of your culture. 

This series authored by the staff at Cherry Hill Consulting Group under the leadership of Art Dykstra along with other authors and contributors is informed by real-world experiences. These are proven tools and guides that are based on what works vs. what we think works.

These quick to read—but sometimes challenging to use—ideas will help you strengthen your organization’s culture while recognizing the importance of the relationship you have with your employees.

We invite you to jump in and see for yourself how this series can benefit you and your organization. We believe that how you answer the question is of utmost importance. So please do engage your curiosity and find out what happens when you ask yourself and everyone, “How Do We Want To Be Together?”

For a limited time you can have all three initial digital publications for $9.95 at https://cherryhillhightide.com/product/3-book-special/

Author Vincent Pettinelli

The first in our new High Tide Press Author Event Learning Series streamed online Wednesday, Dec. 2nd to an audience looking to get the management thing done right! Vincent D. Pettinelli, author of High Tide book Getting It Done Right: Pragmatic Wisdom for Human Service Managers, shared some of his personal and professional growth experiences in the world of intellectual and developmental disabilities services and supports with viewers from across the U.S. The hour-long session features a casual visit with Vince with questions from the viewers. If you missed it, we invite you to a free replay at: HighTidePress.org/doneright.

Amy Tabor - Organizational Dimensions
IARF.org Annual Conference

Amy Tabor Special Event December 17th RISKS AND RIGHTS DURING COVID-19

A Conversation with Amy Tabor 
Worrying about the Right(s) Things during COVID-19

2020 has been quite the year dominated by troubling events—a global pandemic with ominous and fluctuating stay-at-home orders, a contentious presidential election, emotionally charged cases of social/civil unrest, and vast economic uncertainty for many Americans. For those of us working with people with disabilities, add funding challenges, uncertain public policy, and significant staffing shortages.

With all of this going on and recognizing that December is Universal Human Rights Month, the question is: How are providers supporting individuals and families as well as their direct support staff in these difficult times?

Join Amy Tabor, author and nationally recognized expert in rights for people with disabilities, as she tackles such concerns as:

  • How do we support our overworked staff so they are less likely to succumb to unintentional acts of abuse or rights violations?

  • How can we help the people we support stay connected to their friends and families?

  • What can we do to support our first-line supervisors to effectively cope with the reality of the pandemic?

  • A new worry: Zoom-observed abuse

Amy’s timely insights will offer you hope and encouragement as you navigate these stressful times.

Amy Tabor is the author of Human Rights Committees: From Compliance to Cultural Commitment, Scanning the Horizon: Using Organizational Data to Prevent Abuse and Neglect of People with Intellectual Disabilities and From Inquiry to Insight: Guided Discussions for Preventing Abuse and Neglect of Persons with Cognitive Disabilities.

As President of Organizational Dimensions, Amy collaborates with people and service providers to develop and implement supports that address challenges within disability service systems and improve the lives of people they support. Much of her work has been dedicated to the prevention of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of people with disabilities as well as the importance/impact of Human Rights Committees.

Register for this FREE Event now at HighTidePress.org/randr

Special for a limited time: Amy Tabor’s Human Rights Committee Bundle. Everything you need to upgrade your Human Rights Committee efforts and/or add some new energy to your program. Specially priced at CherryHillHighTide.com

A New Plan kicked off IARF’s* 2020 Virtual Conference
Thane and Art Dykstra spoke via video to keynote this year’s conference. Their hour presentation on various aspects of person-centered planning emphasized several new approaches and insights into a process that deserves a fresh look and some new practices. Art and Thane presented more than a few of those refreshing ideas and approaches including the sneak peek of a new “My Plan To Flourish” app that works on phones, tablets, and other digital devices. Designed to be carried and maintained by the person with the plan, the app features easy to use screens for entering and keeping track of progress for short, mid, and long term goals. The app is being field-tested with a release scheduled for early 2021. You are going to love it as it may be used as a stand-alone, but is a powerful companion to the person-centered approach in the Dykstras’ book
A New Plan.

View the Dykstras’ keynote presentation here: https://hightidepress.org/dykstras-new-plan-video/ *Illinois Association of Rehabilitation Facilities

Inquiry to Insight - Dialogue Deck
ANP Box O Books Sale


High Tide Press has always promoted the value of dialogue in its products and publications. Dialogue, after all, allows us to put our assumptions aside and engage in thinking and team learning that leads to gaining greater insights from one another.

We are continuing that tradition in 2021 with the release of the Leading Questions Dialogue Deck, instructive learning, and dialogue tool for leaders and managers.

You will find Leading Questions to be a valuable training resource for newly appointed leaders as well as the most experienced.

Leadership training will be at your fingertips in a few short weeks.


These are gifts that keep on giving and giving and giving some more. A New Plan: Using Positive Psychology to Renew the Promise of Person-Centered Planning for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities is a new book that sheds new light on the person-centered planning process and illuminates a new path to helping those we support to flourish! We’ve done a special run of paperbacks that we are offering only in quantity for sharing with managers, Qs, parents, everyone who has plans, practices, or cares about person-centered planning. 

Until now A New Plan has only been available on Amazon for $22.95 in hardcover. It might seem like we are giving books away when we offer you 10 books for $99.00 plus shipping. Yes! You are reading that right. Get your order in today. Great for staff recognition and aligning your organization, A New Plan is a beautifully designed book that is easy to read. Every page gets you thinking and doing. https://cherryhillhightide.com/product/a-new-plan-gift-special/

 Contact us for special pricing on quantities greater than 10. See email address and phone number bottom of page.



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